Working Out!

Woke up today and went straight to the gym, felt great! Happy to be working out, although it does kind of suck having sore arms all the time :/. On the other hand, Portal 2 is on its way! If you are excited for Portal 2, leave a comment!



Well today, I woke up at my friends and we chilled there for a bit, and we were going to some Powder Puff football game he was coaching, pretty cool, right? NO, WRONG, we went there and saw about 6 people, and had to play when we were so tired. Sorry for ranting, but today was just kind of sucky, and now I'm super tired.


It has been a while!

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in a while, but here I am! I have been pretty busy lately, and also been doing a LOT of reading. My favorite book that I've been reading recently is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. The book is a lot about society, economics, and a bunch of interesting and cool facts! I would definetely recommend this book to a lot of people, but other than reading I have just been enjoying life! I really haven't been using electronics lately, even my phone, but decided I needed to come back to my blog. So sorry for being gone for so long to my at least kind of dedicated followers. So what have you guys been up to?


Pure Awesome

I'm guessing most of my followers have heard of a guy named Banksy, but just in case you guys haven't, he is one of the most creative artists ever. But the fact is he is completely anonymous, and not a normal artist, but rather an outspoken street artist! I've known about him for quite some while now and was looking to see if he had any new stuff on his website, which reminded me to blog about it. He also made a pretty new documentary called "Exit Through The Gift Shop". The documentary was awesome, but otherwise just wanted others to know about this amazing guy. If you're interested you can go to his website HERE. Also, he illustrated one of the Simpsons opening gags that you could find really easily!



Just Stumbled Upon an awesome video of school band playing Rage Against The Machine! Figured you guys would enjoy! :) Happy weekend!


Really Felt the need to post this...

Pretty amazing, and just wanted to post even though I've been posting videos all day!

Well, it is Friday!

Nice twist on Rebbecca Black's Friday! It truly is, Friday.


An awesome day overall, just going to chill for what is left. Have my buddy over and we're just playing Xbox and chillin out. Just figured I'd let everyone know how awesome my day was, how was yours?

Waking Up

Just woke up, yea I know, kinda late. But I'm ready for whatever comes today! I'm going to swim, and just do whatever I feel like. This is what I really love, free days to do what YOU want to. I know everyone knows what I mean, and that's what is so awesome! The fact that certain things are mutually loved by just about everyone in the world. Well, I'm swimming for now!

So Amazing!

So cute, inspiring, cute, and happy! On another note- going To Bed!

The Scatman!


Just saw this music video for the first time, even though I have heard it so many more times! This is honestly talent!


So I was playing Xbox tonight and met some pretty cool people... I think that's what many people see what is wrong with technology today that I really enjoy, and that is strangers. I enjoy talking to people I barely know, and will probably never meet! Just another awesome part of our technologically growing world...


Kinda Gettin Used to this!

I've always despised Twitter, But I could get used to this!


Really excited to start blogging, just hope people in their right mind will listen and understand, but for now I'm still trying to set this up... let's go!